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We love threesomes! Why not try a 2 girl call with me and one of my hot girlfriends for only $3.50 US$ per minute?

My sexy personalised panties are yours for just $25 - other erotic treats are available. Just ask me!



Christy - All American, hot phone sex bitch

Call me TOLL FREE at 1 866 372 9746
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US $1.99 a minute ($19.90 minimum)
International $2.50 a minute ($25.00 minimum)
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Christy - All American, hot phone sex bitch
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What's A Doll-Face Like Me
Doing On A Site Like This...

having the time of my life with hot and provocative phone sex!

Well, Lover, ever since I can remember, I've been making men hard and women wet with desire. A speech teacher in high school told me I even seduced words.

I was a bright and talented teen who was naturally drawn to the theater crowd. Photographers loved me and I did some naughty shoots to work my way through college. I partied hardy with my friends and at one such gathering I met a much older man. One thing led to another and soon he was taking care of me. When he was away on business, we had phone sex...Mmmmm...It just got kinkier and kinkier. He taught me two really important things, the first being that I would always be able to survive with the gifts I had been given and the second that I would always need sexual variety in my life. When he and I parted company, and I needed to support myself... Hmmm...I had heard of phone sex, had done it with friends, and had played many seductive ladies in plays. Hmmmm...should I? Well, one of my friends dared me and I can't resist a dare.

I can do any fantasy. There's no one I can't be for you, but I am especially good at being that silky siren who teases you into a frenzy, the soft Domme...the professional call girl or lingerie model.

Whatever you think about when you're getting off is what I want to hear about. I love spacey fantasies that are way out know those things you think about that you're just a little ashamed to admit...even to yourself;)

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US $1.99 a minute ($19.90 minimum)
International $2.50 a minute ($25.00 minimum)
Discover American Express

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